From Antikythera Mechanism to Pobuca sales

Antikythera Mechanism

It is commonplace that humans have excelled from other creatures by technological ability and man has often been described as a tool-using animal; tools are our trusted companions right from the beginning of civilization, helping us to build and shape our world. Let’s check two of these tools, 2000 years apart.

From Antikythera Mechanism; a revolution in navigation… 

Discovered in 1900 by sponge divers nearby the island of Antikythera inside a sunken ship, Antikythera Mechanism (see more in The Antikythera Mechanism Research Project) this great device of the Antiquity has been dated as coming from the second or early first century B.C., according to research published in the science journal Nature.

According to the latest data from decoding the inscriptions inside the folds of the mechanism, the mechanism can be well regarded as the world’s oldest computer, giving the user the ability to see exact times of eclipses of the moon and the sun and the motion of celestial bodies. The user could set a date that would determine the exact astronomical phenomena that would occur around the Earth.

Space Physics professor Xenophon Moussas said: “today’s computers and mobile phones have their roots in the gears of the mechanism, what we do with computers today, it was done with the A.M. about 2000 years ago”. As the professor argued, this machine is the root of all civilization and technology and in fact, it is the oldest “tablet.

… to the Go-to-Market Revolution and Pobuca Sales

The Go-to-Market Revolution is a wave of technological and customer-driven change that is altering the level of sophistication with which companies deploy their commercial capabilities. This new era hasn’t altered the fundamentals required for go-to-market excellence, rather than actually creating new possibilities, bringing the current state of the art in commercial functions to the next level. The leader of the “Go-to-Market” tools (SFA) is “Pobuca Sales” by Pobuca.

Pobuca Sales addresses companies that wish to support and organize their sales network. It allows salespeople who are using mobile devices (smartphone, Pda’s, industrial terminals, Tablets, NetBooks, Notebooks), to handle their daily tasks (ordering, billing, collection, shelf registration, etc.) while visiting the end-customers, as well as to access all information (order history, stock, statistics, etc.) necessary to be more effective and productive.

Benefits from the use of Pobuca Sales

  • Direct order entry – shorter delivery times.
  • Elimination of errors due to the automatic and electronic order entry and invoicing.
  • Increased salesmen efficiency and productivity due to the new tools and information available to them.
  • Reduced operating and SG&A costs.
  • Improved customer relations and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Efficient stock management.
  • More productive control of sales network and more effective sales administration by a management.