Get AI-access to your agents' insights and boost their performance

customer service agent working talking with a customer offering good CX

Build an omnichannel Customer Service strategy with the Pobuca platform. Offer your customers a seamless Customer Service experience across all your communication channels and touchpoints and empower your agents with the right tools for a personalized and insightful engagement.

Handle several requests across channels at the same time through Pobuca platform automation for the best customer experience.

customer service agent working talking with a customer offering good CX

Pobuca Experience Cloud
Who is it for?

Pobuca Experience Cloud will bring exceptional value to marketing and Customer Service execs, seamlessly, with zero friction or stress for the customers.


Update your end-to-end customer profiles automatically based on their offline and online transactions.


Monitor the customer pipeline, track sales opportunities, engage with your customers, understand their needs, and win more deals.


Use AI, ML, and BI to automate your day-to-day tasks, to personalize Customer Service, and to turn data into business opportunities.

Customer Support

Optimize your customer service operations and track the entire Customer Service journey as it unfolds from the customer to the agent.

Mastering the key challenges with
Pobuca Experience Cloud

AI automation

Bring AI processing power into your organizational transformation, enhancing your productivity and customer experience, improving your CX, customer analytics, and business intelligence.


Connect all the right dots across the customer support journey through a seamless, consistent strategy across channels and in any moment your customers prefer.


Find the right and user-friendly collaboration tools to boost your team’s performance.


History access

Empower your agents with instant access to the full history of your customers for a more personalized engagement and a higher-caliber level of support.

Customer trust

Let your customers feel secure in knowing that your company has received and recorded their communication preferences for today and well into the future.


Pobuca Experience Cloud benefits


Assess customer data to create an enhanced, personalized experience that helps customers feel that they are independently valued.

Agent power

Empower your teams with the right tools, so that they can deliver prompt, accurate, and consistent service to your customers.

Single platform

Bring a unified infrastructure to your organization that breaks down organizational and data silos that consistently flow.



What our clients say.

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Pobuca is our trusted advisor for CRM and IT integration. With Pobuca Suite, we communicate better, control our B2B sales and manage our 1.5m members loyalty program. We feel that our line of business systems is in good hands - they understand the special needs of a retailer.
Argyris Patousias
Group IT Director
The company has been implementing its digital transformation, investing in innovation. The scope of our company is to make use of Digital Technology that will directly deliver business functionality. Pobuca achieved this with Pobuca Loyalty, by elevating our customers’ loyalty behavior, so as to enhance the sales and loyalty sections of our business operations.
Spyros Papadopoulos
Channel Marketing Manager of Schneider Electric
Pobuca was the most suitable partner for the installation, support, and customization of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to our own needs and the successful connection with other business systems.
George Kanios
IT Director
We have trusted Pobuca for our loyalty program. The project has been flawless, having reflected our requirements while also being delivered on time, within the agreed schedules, and with perfect execution of the deliverables. To date, the operation of our BSB REWARDS based on Pobuca's solutions has been impeccable and absolutely satisfactory. Many thanks Pobuca!
Kostas Kalathas
E-Business Manager
We would like to express our satisfaction with our cooperation regarding the re-development of Gant Club. Pobuca team did a very professional job offering their deep technical expertise and commercial marketing approach. The highlight of our collaboration was the launch of the first Loyalty AI chatbot in Greece. We highly recommend Pobuca and the development team, and we look forward to working with them on future projects.
Korina Papadopoulou
Retail Operations Director
Pobuca’s solution gave our company the necessary tools and insights to better understand our customers’ behavior and to automate our operation and marketing communication with them
Stratis Apergis
As a team consisting of many people of different ages, education levels, and mentality, it was a challenge to install a system that everybody would enjoy using daily. Therefore, having a tool easy to use motivated our employees and made Microsoft Teams necessary for their business. Moreover, following Pobuca consulting, we are improving this tool day by day to get the maximum of it.
Leonidas Avgerakis
Since the first approach with Pobuca, we felt we were in the right hands. Besides their deep technical expertise and commercial marketing approach, they focus highly on results, always applying a practical approach to bring optimal solutions.
Marketing Director Balkans