Use virtual agents to improve CX and EX

modern cute bot acting as virtual agent

The 98% of customers expect to either be able to self-serve or interact with the retailer directly to resolve last-mile issues.

Turn the last-mile experience from an external task to an integral part of your brand’s operations through a seamless, 24/7 post-purchase support that enhances the overall shopping experience.

modern cute bot acting as virtual agent

Meet Pobuca Virtual Agents

Our virtual agent uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand your customers in natural voice communications, across all digital touchpoints, helping your Customer Service experts by answering requests 24/7, placing online orders, and becoming a loyalty virtual assistant for the members of a loyalty club, as well as to increase engagement by conveying your digital campaigns.

Customer Service

The 24/7 frontliner of your customer service
Q&As (store locator, complaints, custom skills 
AI-generated Q&As  
Automatically learns & improves
Escalation to human

Digital Commerce

Replies to order related questions
Makes WISMO (Where Is My Order?) queries
Ordering automation  
Performs order-related tasks (cancelation, return, etc.)
Manages loyalty points & redeems  

The CX benefits of Pobuca Virtual Agents

Pobuca Virtual Agents can upgrade the existing CX by assisting you on various tasks, from giving real-time shipping updates to personalized in-store assistance.

Pobuca Virtual Agents are integrated with ChatGPT ​

The integration of Pobuca Virtual Agents with ChatGPT is a game-changer for Customer Service, empowering businesses to deliver exceptional support and achieve higher customer satisfaction levels. 

Pobuca Virtual Agents as an AI-powered solution & seamlessly integrated with ChatGPT, provide an exceptional CX, by enabling businesses to automate customer interactions, improve response times, and reduce costs while maintaining high-quality service. Pobuca Virtual Agents utilize Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand customer queries and provide accurate and personalized responses.  

The integration with ChatGPT enhances the system’s ability to handle complex inquiries and engage in dynamic conversations, offering a more human-like interaction. With this advanced technology, customers can receive immediate assistance, resolve issues efficiently, and obtain relevant information.  

Unlock extraordinary CX with ChatbotIQ Enhancer

ChatbotIQ Enhancer revolutionizes chatbots with advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU), by enabling chatbots to understand the context, intent, and sentiment of customer messages, and provide accurate and relevant responses.

Elevate customer interactions with personalized, 24/7 support in various languages, allowing you to reach customers across the globe. ChatbotIQ Enhancer learns from every interaction, improving its responses and understanding over time – a big plus that it is easily integrated with any existing systems and platforms. ChatbotIQ Enhancer is the ultimate chatbot solution; don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary ones.


Extra benefits

ChatbotIQ Enhancer is the ultimate chatbot solution; don’t settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary ones.

Increase Loyalty & retention

Delight your customers with fast, accurate, and relevant answers, 24/7.

Reduce the workload
& costs

Boost Customer Service teams’ efficiency and handle a wide range of queries.

Scale your business

Handle any volume of customer interactions, without compromising quality or speed.

Optimize products,
services, & marketing

Gain valuable insights from customer interactions and use them to improve the offered experience.