Unlock the full potential of Customer Service to reduce costs

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The time has come to reshape your Customer Service model from a cost center for your business to an experience hub for your customers

By repositioning Customer Service to a customer-driven mission by bringing added value for each customer, you can turn your contact center into the heart of your digital business – driving results for both customers and your business.

modern customer service headphones

Optimize your channels,
boost customer satisfaction

quotes-blue87% of customers find it frustrating to repeat themselves in multiple channels, and 73% question doing business with that brand as a result.


Providing Customer Service is already a given across channels, via phone, email, live and asynchronous messaging, and social media—as well as in-store and via physical mail.

The question is no longer how often, but how deep businesses have to dive in to exploit full capabilities in each of those channels, and to interconnect them in ways that will produce seamless experiences for customers.


Serving business growth


They’ve recognized that in today’s digital-first paradigm, customer service is often the first and primary point of contact between customers and brands.


Traditionally, contact centers were viewed as little more than a necessary cost of doing business. Still, today, reducing costs remains the second-highest strategic priority for the contact center leaders. 

In recent years, the emerging competitive importance of Customer Experience,  combined with the hastening march toward digital-first business and commerce models,  has caused service leaders to rethink the goals they serve and the roles their organizations perform. 

Experience-focused leaders are shifting their orientations from an emphasis on reducing costs toward the goal of generating business and customer value.


Design an effective strategy for your Customer Service


Now is the time to move customer experience and digital transformation
to the front of the queue.


These are the thing that Customer Service top performers share in common:

  • Following a consistent CX strategy, even if they have to deviate to some quick cost-cutting or cost avoidance tactics to take the steam off momentarily.
  • Are already well into the path of digital transformation through cloud technologies and scalable workforce initiatives.
  • Understanding the important balance between omnichannel service integration and right-channel service efficiency.
  • Staying committed to dissolving internal silos and connecting operations in ways that enabled more coherent, connected customer journeys.

Is your business paving the way forward?

Ask the right  questions to guide yourself in your business new Customer Service era:

  1. Are my customers using the most optimal channels for their inquiries? How can I help them to get there in ways that feel empathetic to their needs, respectful of their time, and valuable to them?
  1. Is my contact center prepared to respond quickly and effectively if another global event like COVID-19 were to happen?
  1. How do I transition my contact center from a focus on cost to a focus on value? What processes, training, tools, and/or metrics do I need to support that transition?
  1. What do I need to do to get the most out of my AI investments?