Offer an omnichannel Customer Service

A smiling Customer Service agent.

The first principle of Customer Service today is to show up where and when your customer wants you. The right data at the right time is key to empowering agents to meet customers’ needs quickly and accurately.  

Pobuca Experience Cloud can help you transform Customer Service into a value center that increases your customer satisfaction & Loyalty.

A smiling Customer Service agent.

How can you optimize your Customer Service
operations with Pobuca Experience Cloud

With Pobuca Experience Cloud, you have just the right tool for a unified, optimized CX across channels, offering: 

  1. CRM that tracks customer service requests in real-time, providing you with insightful information,
  2. an omnichannel solution that consolidates all service touchpoints to already existing ones as your call center,
  3. an AI-powered knowledge base to disseminate knowledge between humans and bots,
  4. virtual agents to be your 24/7 frontliners of customer service & digital commerce, and
  5. an AI-powered evaluation of your services and agents, to assess your level of service.

Pobuca Experience Cloud benefits

For customers

Feel satisfied after receiving helpful information in real-time that meets their needs.

For employees

Find easily the right answers for a customer, no matter what they need.

For business

Have competent and informed Customer Service and raise CSAT scores.

The economic impact of Pobuca Experience Cloud

Good Customer Service can be your path to profitability as it leads to higher customer satisfaction and an improved Value Enhancement Score (VES).

graph showing how a good Customer service along with Pobuca features can help maximize your profits

Pobuca Experience Cloud's journey
to Customer Service excellence

Raise your agents productivity

Making agents as productive as possible is- AI’s bread and butter for AI by:

  • freeing up their time from repetitive and boring tasks,
  • bringing CS best practices under the spotlight, by analyzing customers’ satisfaction, and then training agents upon them,
  • measuring Customer Service performance and highlighting the areas for improvement, and
  • offering “whisper coaching” to agents by listening in real-time to all the conversations that agents do with customers. 

Make virtual agents your insightful frondliners

Building a virtual agent (a chatbot or voicebot) is a typical AI practice, however, the real challenge is to feed it with the right knowledge base to serve customers with AI by:

  • listening to the Voice of the Customer (VoC) and using AI to analyze conversations,
  • performing digital commerce tasks, such as WISMO (Where Is My Order?) queries, order related tasks (cancelation, return, etc.), to manage loyalty points & redeems.

Analyze Voice of Customer

Most Customer Experience and contact center leaders rely on surveys to monitor and improve the quality of customer service interactions.  

  • As surveys cover less than 10% of all interactions, surveys fatigue customers and exclude certain customer groups, they fail to provide real-time “actionable” data. 
  • Now CX leaders can use new tools, data, and approaches for employee coaching and to evaluate customer service performance.
  • Moreover, using the same process, they can measure the overall Customer Experience and Loyalty with CX metrics and KPIs, and Voice of Customer insights.

Connecting the dots from service to customer loyalty

Customers who receive good customer service interactions are more loyal and this equals increased revenues. In other words, agents should focus on making customers get more value from the product they bought.

  • With the power of AI, you can analyze how well agents respond in terms of VES, use it as a compass KPI, and share the best practices of how to increase it.
  • According to Gartner, the Value Enhancement Score (VES) metric for Customer Service is the most associated with Loyalty. VES is a metric that focuses on two key areas of a customer’s perception of a product or service. It evaluates how the service interaction affected their ability to use the product or service, and their confidence in the decision to purchase the product or service.

Pobuca Experience Cloud features

Organize your workflows and processes with a ticketing system for customer service requests across omnichannel touchpoints

Combine customer service with a 360o view, so that you will never have to ask your customers again to repeat information already shared. 

Invest in the right tools to intelligently handle day-to-day requests and assist your agents to resolve more complex issues.

Integrate Customer Service as part of the broader customer journey and take it into account in your engagement campaigns.

Leverage AI to analyze conversations and build Q&As for your knowledge base that could be accessed by human or virtual agents.

Help agents perform better with an automatic performance evaluation based on Customer Service metrics and customers’ sentiment.

Bring to the spotlight the best practices in customer service, by analyzing customers’ satisfaction. 

Employ an AI bot to answer requests 24/7; they can resolve from typical customer service requests to digital commerce tasks and manage the post-purchase experience.

quotes-blueLeveraging AI to Drive Exceptional Customer Experiences

As today’s technological advancements are reshaping customer engagement capabilities, and service delivery models, Customer Service remodeling is no longer only about call deflection or cost reduction. AI capabilities through cognitive technologies, such as natural -language processing, speech recognition, process automation, and robotics are the key to helping customer contact center operations drive experiences that are more personal, intuitive, and empathetic – and that are also faster, more automated, and more scalable.