Measuring Customer Experience & Loyalty is getting easier

CX managemenet has a meeting showing their CX metrics on their laptop

Unlocking valuable insights into your customer’s needs and preferences while effectively measuring the impact of your Customer Experience (CX) strategies can pave the way for your business’s success.

Pobuca Experience Cloud makes it possible!

Processing customer feedback with natural language analysis across multiple channels, and including phone, social, chat, and email, automatically calculates CX & Loyalty metrics, and key performance indicators (KPIs) and reveals the Voice of Customer insights.

CX managemenet has a meeting showing their CX metrics on their laptop

Pobuca Experience Cloud benefits

For customers

Be heard in real-time and when they decide to communicate with business, avoiding the survey fatigue.

For employees

Use real-time insights on CX performance to proactively improve your CX and take action where necessary.

For business

Identify CX issues easier and find ways to resolve them faster and more efficiently, enhancing satisfaction.

The rise of predictive analytics

important stats from McKinsey Customer Experience survey 2020, showing that survey based systems no longer meet the demands of today companies

Making data-driven decisions by effectively measuring CX

Are looking to improve your Customer Experience (CX) strategies but don’t know where to start?Or you are tired of using surveys without results?  

Our platform allows you to measure CX effectively using actionable metrics and Voice of Customer insights. According to Gartner, CX metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) are the top project priorities for CX leaders. However, relying solely on survey-based metrics may not provide a complete picture of your customer’s experiences.  

connecting the dots

Measuring CX needs more than just survey-based metrics​

Are you relying only on surveys to measure your CX?  

If so, you may not be getting the full picture of your Customer’s Experiences. Surveys represent only a small percentage (7%) of your customer’s voiceand can fall short of providing the depth of understanding and insight that companies need, being out of step with the real-time needs, and don’t get to the root of problems. 


Harnessing unstructured customer feedback with AI​

As companies strive to improve their Customer Experience, they are inundated with feedback from a variety of channels,like call recordings, chat logs, emails, social media, and product reviews.  

Pobuca Experience Cloud, with AI capabilities, provides a cost-effective and efficient way to analyze unstructured customer feedback. Analyzing customer feedback through AI allows businesses to quickly and accurately identify trends and patterns, and identify and prioritize customer pain points and areas of improvement, allowing businesses to make targeted changes that have a direct impact on CX. Additionally, AI can provide actionable insights to Customer Service agents, enabling them to address customer issues with greater efficiency and effectiveness. 

graph with Voice of customer data

Pobuca Experience Cloud

AI-Powered Voice & Text Analytics

graph with Voice of customer data

Advances in AI-powered text analytics like Natural Language Understanding and emotion analysis allow CX organizations to mine unstructured customer feedback. By pairing the structured and unstructured forms of customer experience data together in your analysis, you’ve got all the ingredients you need to understand what’s driving your customers’ interactions with your brand:

• CX & Loyalty metrics
• Voice of Customer insights
• Evaluate Customer Service
• Segment your customers
• Pair AI-powered analytics with surveys

Targeting your CX efforts for business growth

turning data into actionable insights

Now, after knowing where you stand with your CX, it’s time to improve it by being laser-focused on what matters the most for your business, designing your strategy, and then using technology to improve CX at every touchpoint.

Our solution will help you Identify and retain repeat customers by delivering relevant experiences at every touchpoint while reducing customer churn and ensuring long-term loyalty.

With Pobuca Experience Cloud, you will be equipped to take action “at the moment” with immediate signals and clear recommendations on which experience enhancements will result in positive ROI, all while delivering high-quality products or services that your customers will advocate.

turning data into actionable insights