Organize, track, and build better relationships with CRM

employee working on crm

Pobuca will undertake a thorough study to design the functionality of the new CRM system. The study will focus on the strategic, operational, and platform stages.

Together, we will design a CRM strategy aligned to your corporate objectives, and set the project goals.

Our experts will work closely with your team to ensure that you make the most out of your new CRM system.

employee working on crm

Stage 1:
Strategic level



of the unified customer profile.

Efficiency improvement

of the customer-related processes.

Project objectives

related to the customer-centric approach.

Stakeholders engagement

time and resources allocation.


Stage 2:
Operational level

Communication info

Business needs

Identification of the involved department’s needs.

Processes evaluation

Evaluation of the efficiency of the existing processes per department, to identify the reasons the current implementation is not fully productive.

Current data flow

related to the customer-centric approach.

Stage 3:
Platform level


Once the previous steps have been completed and agreed upon, the next steps are:

1. To define the final deliverable (fields, forms, views, etc.).

2. To set the workflows (step by step).

3. To propose new modules or third-party tools.