Loyalty & Customer Experience consulting

vector with customers holding Loyalty stars

Our consulting team will help you define the factors
for a successful Customer Experience & Loyalty
 project (metrics, objectives, incentives) and design your Customer 360o, Loyalty, and Customer Service strategy.

We will prepare a blueprint of the customer engagement and loyalty program processes, evaluate the investment needed, and calculate the ROI.

vector with customers holding Loyalty stars

Our consulting steps for your CX & Loyalty success

Our team will work closely with your organization, creating a tailor-made approach based on your needs, industry, and objectives.

Define CX and Loyalty objectives

We always start with a gap analysis, we specify the goals and the customer-centric objectives, design the new strategy, and help you focus on the CX Metrics & KPIs (qualitative & quantitative) that matter the most.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The more value or benefits a customer receives, the more likely they will shop again in the future. In Pobuca we justify your investments in CX and Loyalty with an ROI analysis: we prepare 3 scenarios (conservative, neutral, optimistic) based on financial metrics, customers’ increased spending, acquisition rates, transaction numbers and offer you an estimated payback of your investment.

Research of industry-related best practices & trends

Discover CX and loyalty trends based on the industry and recommend the actions, characteristics and rewards based on your priorities. We adjust best practices to your needs – in CX “one size does NOT fit all”.

Design CX and loyalty program features

Identify the CX and loyalty program features, set the communication plan, design the business and technical processes for the Loyalty program, clarify the details for Customer Service.

Describe CX and loyalty processes

We help you with the customer journey mapping and define the steps regarding customers registration, support, rewards, and redemptions. We agree upon the KPIs based on the program objectives and we are going to calculate them.