Volton gains a competitive advantage in Customer Experience with Pobuca Experience Cloud

Pobuca Experience Cloud and Volton project

Over 50.000 Volton customer conversations have been analyzed by Pobuca Experience Cloud until today. With the use of Artificial Intelligence, valuable information has been mined and is already analyzed, processed, and utilized strategically by the company's Customer Service, sales, and marketing departments.

Athens, 28 March 2023

Volton has chosen Pobuca and trusted Pobuca Experience Cloud for the analysis of Volton’s communications data, to reliably assess the offered Customer Experience.

The project started in July 2022, and more than 50,000 conversations have already been analyzed since the platform’s integration in September.  Volton has leveraged these extracted insights to design and implement targeted actions for its customer base.

Pobuca Experience Cloud has now made it possible for Volton to collect data from all customer touchpoints with the company (social media, Google reviews, chatbots, calls, etc.). Moreover, the augmented capabilities provided by Artificial Intelligence on the platform, allows all mined data to be continuously enriched and turned into actionable insights, which can retarget the initiatives of the company’s Customer Service, sales, and marketing departments to achieve both strategic goals and the overall optimization of the Customer Experience.

In detail, the Pobuca Experience Cloud project’s scope at Volton includes the following goals and deliverables.

  • Data analysis of Volton’s communications with its customers on social media channels, (Facebook – Instagram), Google reviews, as well as personal customer communications via email/recorded calls with Customer Service, or even targeted surveys that have been already completed.

  • Automatic processing of the above concerning:
      • social media response (likes, reviews, comments, response times, etc.).
      • comparing social media metrics to the competitors’.
      • assessment and categorization of customers’ emails, aiming to identify the reason for the communication. This continued with grouping customers who made the communications based on the topic of the conversations.
      • analysis of customer touchpoints in order to calculate specific CX metrics (Customer Satisfaction, Average Handling Time, First Time Response, First Contact Resolution, Net Promoter Score, etc.)
      • analysis of Customer Service dialogues (chat, calls, agents) to generate specific CX metrics such as Topics Resolved by Agent, Average Handling Time, Call Outcome per Discussion Topic, Call Sentiment Distribution per Agent, Call Outcome per Agent,
      • accessing of Voice of customers insights such as Total Sentiment Distribution, Sentiment distribution per Discussion Topic, Common Complaints, etc.

  • Creation of relevant powerful reports summarizing the main conclusions and measurements of Volton, like presenting customers’ sentiment in all conversations, CSAT score, or defining the main topics of communication with Customer Service, etc.

“Every new collaboration fills us with enthusiasm and pride for the significant steps we continue to take, both as a company and as a country, in the context of recognizing the importance of Customer Experience. Taking on such an important project with an ambitious and dynamic company like Volton is another great step, which at the same time manages to give a serious competitive advantage to Volton and to reshape the experience of millions of customers. With the use of Pobuca Experience Cloud, their voice can now be heard and transformed into actionable information,” said Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of Pobuca.