Pobuca at Coca-Cola's Future Loading to support small HoReCa businesses

“Future Loading” program

Pobuca proudly participates in Coca-Cola's "Future Loading" program in collaboration with the Bodossaki Foundation to support small coffee, restaurant and hospitality businesses (HoReCa).

Athens, 16 July 2020 – Pobuca proudly participates in the “Future Loading” program of Coca-Cola in collaboration with the Bodossaki Foundation, which is under the auspices of the Ministry of Development and Investment, Ministry of Tourism, SETE, EFET and aims at supporting small coffee and hospitality businesses (HoReCa) and enhancing employment in the industry.

“Future Loading” brings together companies, institutions, and foundations, in a broad social initiative. Each partner will be contributing to the creation of a ‘toolbox’, specially designed for the needs of a small coffee, restaurant, and hospitality companies, so that they could safely and confidently adapt to the post-COVID-19 rea and ensure their viability in the future, strengthening the safe operation of businesses, their inclusion in the era of digital transformation, customer acquisition and the incorporation of principles of environmental sustainability.

In this context, Pobuca is involved in the development of digital transformation with free software and automation and CRM solutions, with the support of Coca-Cola Hellenic within the context of the Youth Empowered program: The HoReCa Edition

“We are very proud to be given the opportunity through Coca-Cola’s ‘Future Loading’ initiative to support the HoReCa industry, an integral part of the growth of the Greek economy that has been hit severely from the COVID-19 pandemic. Specializing in customer experience (CX) technologies, we decided to offer the Pobuca platform Pro plan for free for 1 year, along with our continued support to help small HoReCa companies adopt CX strategies that are mostly followed by larger companies, as well as and to take the next step in their digital transformation. ” said Mr. Isidoros Sideridis, CEO of Pobuca.