Pobuca upgrades Customer Experience in online pharmacies with Pobuca Experience Cloud

cart with pills and phone to shop from online pharamacy

Pobuca provides online pharmacies with cutting-edge tools to create personalized experiences and forge lasting connections with their clients.

Athens, February 27, 2024

Pobuca, a leading provider of Customer Experience (CX) and Loyalty Management solutions, announces the expansion of its solutions in the online pharmacy sector with the integration of the Pobuca Experience Cloud. Through this innovative platform, every online pharmacy gains access to a fully unified customer experience management solution, combining CRM data from various touchpoints, such as physical stores, e-shops, customer service departments, social media, and other third-party platforms.

Based on Artificial Intelligence technologies, the Pobuca Experience Cloud offers online pharmacies the ability to measure and improve CX and Loyalty metrics, extract meaningful insights from the Voice of the Customer (VoC) from public and private interactions, and receive data along with actionable suggestions for customer service performance. Additionally, it enables the design of new-generation loyalty programs and the implementation of fully personalized campaigns, responding to the real needs of the customer. These programs allow pharmacies to create customized loyalty plans that reward customers not only for purchases but also for various forms of interaction, both in physical stores and online. Simultaneously, it offers the possibility of collaboration in a broader network of partners where program members can redeem their points by choosing their rewards in a Loyalty Marketplace. Besides increasing customer satisfaction, retention, and transactions, the use of the Pobuca Experience Cloud platform offers additional benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced access to data analysis and news inflow, offering a strategic overview for decision-making, and
  • Improved ability to adapt to market trends and changes, keeping online pharmacies always informed and competitive.

By leveraging the platform’s advanced tools and analytical capabilities, the Pobuca Experience Cloud equips online pharmacies to become leaders in their Customer Experience, offering a significant competitive advantage in the market.